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Selling BPAL again. I REALLY REALLY need the money, so I've decimated the prices on nearly everything and have a BUNCH of buyout deals. Please for the love of all that is lovable, take all this stuff off my hands. And...give me money for it. :3

- Haggling is absolutely welcome!
- I accept only paypal.
- I will hold items for up to 24 hours. I can work something out with you if you need longer.
- Items can take up to 1-2 weeks to ship out, due to disability issues, but usually less. I'll always stay in contact with you. Non-US orders will take longer because I have to actually GO to the post office.
- I don't ask for PP fees to be covered, but I absolutely appreciate it.
- Shipping always includes Delivery Confirmation. Domestic insurance is always available on request. International insurance costs AT LEAST $11 extra.
- For most packages, domestic shipping will cost $3, and int'l will cost $5. If you get a LOT of stuff I may give you an actual quote before charging you.

If you have any questions, ASK!


Priced as marked.
Buy two, get one 50% off (lowest of the three will get the discount).
Or, buy all 37 for $350 (save $93). I'll continue to offer this until enough bottles sell that it's no longer a good deal.

[ [ Gallery of Fill Levels ] ]

$25 Bottles

$20 Bottles
Mitzvah Goreret Mitzvah
Eight Views of Actors in Their Dressing Rooms

$18 Bottles
Brides of Dracula
Lady Luck Blues
Lick It One More Time
Penis Admiration
Sportive Sun
Touched Twice

$15 Bottles
Chanukkiyah 2010
Lilith's Tea Party
Sea of Tranquility
Sudha Segara
The Sluggard

$12 Bottles
Velvet Dogs Playing Poker
Feeding the Dead

$10 Bottles
Gibbous Moon
Midwinter's Eve

$7 Bottles
CT TAW 170
CT Vanilla 348 ("woodsy vanilla")
CT TAW 84 ("lilac pepper")

$5 Bottles
Nes Gadol Haya Sham
Pumpkin II
CT Vanilla 248 ("mint cucumber vanilla")
CT Frankincense 114 ("aquatic")
CT Strange Attractors MCXXIII
CT Frankincense 126
CT Vanilla 656
Blooddrop - The Matriarch of Elements

Not Bottles:

Priced as marked.
Buy the lot for $20 (save $9).

Ice Princess - $5
Konditorei - $5
Winter Wind - $5
Frankincense Clove Hair Gloss - $5
Bath Salts (pictured in gallery) - $3 each

189 assorted imps under the cutCollapse )

Bonus deal: Buy literally everything above this line for $660 (save $317.50), with shipping included.

Also check out these nail polishes I'm selling! Photos and prices in imgur gallery. :3 Please note that I cannot send polishes internationally due to issues with the post office. :( Sorry about that!

Sold Polishes:
- Essie "PInk Glove Service" - tested once, $8



I am selling things, as I do periodically. I have some nail polish:


Some fabric:


And my BJD (plus a TON of stuff):


Working, again, on my BPAL sales post, to get back up.

dear god, be careful with viibryd

So, I've been doing a fun little dance with my depression meds, which is a long story, but is currently at Chapter 5: Viibryd. Which is spelled stupidly, if you ask me.

I got a packet to work you up to 40mg doses within a month. First three weeks, it seemed to be working just fine. I had a few things here or there that could have been the Zoloft leaving my system, or could have been my body getting used to the Viibryd. Nothing serious.

Then, a few nights ago was the end of the first week on full dosage. Before bed, I was having some head zaps (feels like your brain is being electrocuted for a minute) so serious it was making my eyes shut involuntarily. Not an uncommon anti-depressant thing, so I went to bed.

Every time I started falling to sleep (which, since I felt exhausted, was near-immediate) I would start seeing weird things. Even before my eyes closed, or if I opened them, I could see patterns and colours overlaid onto the real world. As I drifted off, this would morph into crazy, crazy shit. At one point I watched my water bottle became a bird: pink, naked, bulbous, Chocobo-like bird moving disjointedly through outer space. It was followed by another bird, and then flanked on either side with birds, and as I "zoomed out," I could see there were hundreds, no, thousands of them. All marching in spirals to form the Giant Pink Bird Death Star.

And then I was flying through it (my flight was controlled with my side muscles - I was physically controlling my dream-flight), through a little valley in the birds, in an N64 cartridge spaceship. I was trying to get close enough to the main reactor to blow it up, but there were bunnies (Angel from MLP:FiM for those of you in the know) hopping around who I couldn't afford to hit.

I woke up, terrified. Things sort of got worse from there. This would happen every time I started to drift off (vivid, bizarre dreams with muscle spasms), and I would wake up out of fear. Eventually I coaxed myself to proper sleep.

That was a mistake. What followed was a series of the most horrible, gross, tainted, germophobic, horrifying set of dreams I have ever in my life experienced. I've never done acid, and now I don't need to. The last dream I woke up into. In it, a group of people who'd been my frenemies, and who I'd always kind of blown off because I could fly, were telling me...something. After something finished, they were going to get me. I said pfff, cuz I could fly. When the movie or whatever finished, I prepared to fly away, but they grabbed me.

"Did you really think you were going to get away with that?" they asked, "Did you really think we were that stupid? Now we're gonna get you. And it's gonna be slow."

A girl pulled out a straight razor, and other people grabbed other various weapons/torture instruments. I tried harder to fly away, but they hung nets around the ceiling and I couldn't get away and -

I woke up screaming and crying. Scared the hell out of Gashi, too. Thank god he was there, because I was unable to be convinced that I was finally awake, and was safe, for over an hour. I kept asking him to promise me that I was safe, and he was real, etc etc.

That hasn't happened to me again, thank God. But the dreams are still ridiculous, vivid, and near-instantaneous. Naps are no longer fun little energy-giving things. Now they are a commitment. I just slept for 20 minutes and in that time I foiled a terrorist conspiracy, watched the Tenth Doctor give in to his psychotic desire to kiss the Master (who kept imagining men jumping into each other's anuses like tire swings and hanging there), had an orgy with some crazy aliens, emerged into the Fallout of Skyrim (no buildings, just homeless Nords trying to survive in the wasteland), and so on.

Hilarious? Sure. I'm still switching meds.

sometimes the language barrier ain't so bad

Hao: It's like that thing you say...okie...okiedick?
Me: Huh?
Hao: What's that thing you say? Okiedick?
Me: Oh, you mean okie dokie?
Hao: Yep! Okie dokie!
Me: Haha, well, I guess that's kind of a girly thing to say.
Hao: Oh! I guess it's good I ask these things. Otherwise it sucks.
Me: Yup, good thing!
Hao: No homo.

Love life, and self esteem

So Gashi and I have been broken up, ish, for a year and a half. In this time, I have done pitifully little getting over him, which has basically doomed my love life up to this point. I've been on a bunch of first dates, and one second date, and chatted or skyped with a few more on top of that. With very few exceptions, each of these men was an excellent individual who I got along with really well, and whose friendship I was fairly eager to have. Unfortunately the "friendzone" is not a highly sought after destination. So I have managed to maintain friendly terms with only two of them. Still, two is considerably better than none.

You know, looking at this, I guess I have to concede that I may still be a desirable lady. In my youth, I usually had quite a lot of male attention, because I was thinner and easy. Now, I am definitely round and bouncy, and easy I ain't. Still, I can't complain if I'm having to turn people away at the door, so to speak.

Anyway, when Vlad (asked me out for drinks, turned out to have a gf) was factoring more heavily in my thoughts, Becky joked that I didn't like white guys. I'm beginning to wonder if there isn't some truth to that, lol. My love for other cultures may have extended into my romantic tastes, I'm not sure.

What I do know is that my track record for getting excited about romantic prospects who are not white Americans is almost 100%. Which brings me to my next order of business.

I like a boy. I think, anyway. Well, okay, I know I like him. I just haven't met him in person, and I don't know how far beyond liking it goes, or will go. But the fact that I like him is enough for me right now. That someone can push Gashi out of my mind (to some extent, since we're still friends :P) is so encouraging to me.

I...wanted to write more, but my stomach is being tremendously unkind, and I've just received a text from one of the aforementioned friends that I'd mentioned I'd been able to maintain. Perhaps I was a little hasty in assuming that I had in fact maintained a friendship with him. :/

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money stuffs, and dolls

I'm...gonna sell my BJDs, I think.

Anyone interested in a Dollmore Ha-Yarn Cho with a buttload of stuff (eyes, wigs, clothes) for $700 plus shipping? How about a Resinsoul Mei with an extra head, some eyes, a few wigs, and some hodgepodge clothes for $200 plus shipping?

If there's interest, I'll detail everything. Otherwise I won't bother just yet.

nommy dinner

Om nom nom! I made dinner tonight: barbecue pulled chicken sandwiches. I sauteed some corn with BBQ seasoning and chili powder, and also made garlic-stuffed mushrooms (white and 'bella) wrapped in bacon. The barbecue I didn't too much fancy stuff too. I added a little salt, a little BBQ seasoning, and some orange juice. It's AMAZING.

Other things are going well, too. Workouts, etc. I'm tired, though, so I'm gonna play some Glitch and chill out.
Tomorrow I have a poem due, which I handily remembered today. I know my poem is not being workshopped, which is good, because the one I've been putting my energy into is nowhere near being done. So, I wrote a different one to turn in:

A Lesson in Letting Go

Ichiban, Mikinosuke
I saw your fallen red leaves
I heard your Tatsutan storm.
But I disagree with your disgrace.

my only son--

Did I teach you nothing of life?
Did I show you nothing of honour?

Yet, you are who you are
This I accept, if I do not condone
You are strong
my heart is broken.

So, be beckoned!

Sumimasen, Mikinosuke.
Onegaishimasu: you will be you.
You may learn to fly.

Oh hay there weeb self. Haven't seen you in a while. Ichiban basically means "beloved," though that's not a direct translation. Sumimasen means "Please forgive/excuse me." Onegaishimasu means "please teach me" or "thank you for agreeing to teach me."

If you're the sort of person that likes to find your own meaning in poetry, then go right ahead. If you're wondering what was going through my mind, though, click the cut.Collapse )

History lessons aside, I discovered otome games last night. On a whim, I bought "Shall We Date? Heian Love" for the iPad. Gashi told me not to, but I was just really in the mood for a silly dating game. And oh boy, did it ever look silly.

Aaaand yeah I definitely have been playing it for like 24 hours straight since then. Since then, I have married the emperor, the emperor's brother, the court sorcerer, my maid who was actually a dude in disguise, my childhood friend, my childhood friend's rival, my gardener, and my uncle (by marriage, so it's okay!). It's fun, occasionally hilarious, and, not gonna lie, has a bunch of anime boy candy. Aaaadddmittedly it's not usually the mostly MANLY of anime boy candy, which is generally not my thing. But I'm willing to look past that.

It's also amazing how "my" character is everything I've always wanted to roleplay in the deepest and most ashamed parts of my mind. She gets kidnapped, beaten, almost-raped, possessed by a demon, and just generally needs to be watched and/or taken care of pretty much 100% of the time. Yep, just about the only thing she's really good for is being sweet and awkward and taking care of her manfolk when he gets injured while trying to protect her. I guess she does have some parts where she's actually cool, or gets into the action, but it's a vast minority.

Anyway, she's no Hawke, and no Hannelore (DA:O character). I love kicking ass and taking names, swooping in to save my friends and lover, and generally being badass and awesome. That said, it's kind of nice to do the exact opposite sometimes, too. If I'm gonna be fluffy anyway, might as well go whole hog!

Anyway, I've rattled on enough. Gonna get some sleep. Or play more girl porn otome games.

Me (behind bar): ...Is that an ant?
Customer: Don't you know you should never mention bugs in a restaurant? Especially if it's a cockroach.
Me: Oh, pfff, I'm so used to those I don't even notice them anymore!

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being productive!

Had my pre-assessment for working out today. I weighed 212 today with clothes but minus shoes, and my body fat percentage is 40.8%, lower than I'd thought. My blood pressure was, as always, normal, heart rate was 90 BPM. I did a flexibility test and got almost to 17", way better than I expected.

We did step-ups so we could measure our heart rate afterwards. The step was knee-high and it was constant for three minutes. I made it the whole time, but I broke myself doing so. XD My knee was okay, but I needed water and my inhaler and I got quite sick. Then we did sit-ups, and I got 18 down before my back/hips put the kibosh on that.

I had to leave school early because of the pain, but hey, I did it! And now I know to be nicer to myself when I go.

In the meantime, I'm quitting fast food for the most part. I feel too contradictory taking a wellness class and eating at McDonald's more than once a week. I bought some stuff for my packed lunches, and I'm going to work on more things I can just bring.

Tonight I made dinner again. Quesadillas! I apparently like to make primarily mexican food. >.> For them, I bought Colby-Jack and Mozzarella, tomatoes, chicken, and bacon. We already had sour cream at the house. It was quite good.

I've been getting more of my art done, also. I just recently completed this one:

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