the rare katu in her native habitat

5 July 1985
I don't update this bio very often.

My name is Katu. That's Cat with an ooh at the end, or KAH-too, if you prefer. No Kay-too, please, and certainly not ka-TOO. Geshundheit.

There's lots to know about me, but this isn't really the place to tell it. I don't make friends-only entries, so just go ahead and read if you really want to know. :D

So, maybe I'm just weird, but occasionally someone on my flist complains that they can't afford something, and I think "Well, I could afford that. I'll send them some money." But I can't, because they don't have a paypal button, and I don't want to spoil the surprise by asking for it.

So, just on the off chance that someone is weird like me, here is a paypal button:

All donations will be straight to me, and will help me to afford things like college, clothes, and video games. :P

» Old Journals/Communities I Neglect:

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  2. tinyadventurer - My FFXI Screenshot journal.
  3. cadavre_vivant - Roleplaying Journal for Erik, the Phantom of the Opera.
  4. emmy_grey Roleplaying journal for Emmy Rossum.
  5. rosie_cotton - A place to post all my LotR-related entries.
  6. zij - HOC roleplaying journal for Zij. D Heelt.
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  13. whangdoodles - Community for Charlie and the Chocolate Factory fans.
  14. harpomarx - Like, the only lj community for the insufferable Marx Brothers.
  15. hogwartsoncrack - Techinically I don't own this (or, right now I don't), but it's about HOC. The roleplaying game.
  16. hoc - This was supposed to be an IC HOC journal, but no one ever used it and now it is dead. I may bring it to life for a different purpose later.
  17. hocupdates - Updates for the same RPG.

    If you notice that I don't use a journal anymore, you can ask me for the name, and I'll give it to you (usually :P). I created, but relinquished to better care: alanrickman, tdcm, ihop